ELITE, Elevating Life In a Torah Environment. As the name depicts, ELITE was created to enable the young women of our community to continue their spiritual growth even after leaving the confines of an official classroom setting. Geared to address the needs of different ages and varied interests, ELITE offers a myriad of opportunities both on a social and intellectual level. This includes a number of programs such as weekly/ biweekly chaburos given by noted mechanchos in our community, shiurim, panel discussions, Melaveh Malkahs, weekly audio clips of Divrei Chizuk and more! These events are often enhanced by our local Rabbanim and mechanchos as well as world renowned lecturers. One of the ELITE highlights is the annual weekend getaway in a beautiful rustic environment. It is a Shabbos filled with inspirational speakers, intriguing forums of discussion, interactive workshops, and an entertaining Melaveh Malka.

Understanding the needs of our growing clientele, ELITE has opened a subdivision called RISE, Reaching Inward, Striving & Elevating, which offers these opportunities to young women returning from seminary in the past year or two.

ELITE/RISE is the venue to gather together as a group to strengthen, inspire and enjoy each others company. It is an organization created for young women, run by the young women of our community. It is our goal to fulfill the words of our sages “Ish Es Re’eihu Yomar Chazak” to create an environment of growth and connection.

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Rabbinical Advisors: Rabbi Moshe Hauer, Rabbi Dovid Heber, Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer